Application Of Boiler In Liquor Making Industry

- Sep 14, 2018 -

Application of boiler in liquor making industry


Fermentation and distillation are two major uses of boilers in liquor companies. Fermentation is the fermentation of distillers' grains and grains to produce alcohol. Distillation refers to the use of distillers, condensers, etc. to refine the alcohol from grain to produce liquor pulp. Winery fermentation, distillation and other needs steam, and if coupled with heating, bathing heat, more steam will be needed. Therefore, in order to provide sufficient and high quality steam, many breweries choose gas fired steam boilers as the first choice for fermentation and distillation.

With the enhancement of environmental awareness in China, a considerable number of local governments have restricted the use of small coal-fired boilers, which is very beneficial to the popularization of gas-fired boilers. Gas fired boilers are widely recognized by winery enterprises for their advantages of low-cost operation, low NOx emission and sulfide-free pollution.

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