Application Of Medium Pressure Steam Boiler In Food Industry

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Application of medium pressure steam boiler in food industry


The steam pressure of a boiler in a food enterprise is determined by the technology of the customer's actual production and processing.For example, for fumigation and disinfection stage, usually 1.6MPa steam pressure is enough. At the same time, as of now, in the use of my company's boiler food enterprises, there may also be a special food factory technical use, but the design pressure is usually no high than 2.5MPa.So, for food enterprises, they steam boiler which can produce high quality steam and with a good price.And it is particularly important.

For example, a food company mainly produces snow cakes, fairy shells, rice cakes and other rice products. Steam is one of the main sources of energy for the production process. Steam is used in process one, process two, steaming, molding, once drying and two drying.This company has chosen a steam boiler from our company with moderate price, which has been always running well.

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