Boiler Classification

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Retrofit Design of Waste Heat Boiler in Rotary Kiln

1, according to the status of flue gas flow in the boiler: water boiler, boiler shell (fire tube boiler), fire tube boiler

2, according to the way the drum placed: vertical boilers, horizontal boilers

3, divided by purpose: living boilers, industrial boilers, power station boilers, car boilers

4, according to the media points: steam boilers, hot water boilers, soda boilers, organic heat carrier boilers

5, according to the installation method points: fast boiler, boiler assembly, bulk boiler

6, according to the fuel points: coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, gas boilers, waste heat boilers, electric boilers, biomass boilers

7, according to the water cycle points: natural cycle, forced cycle, mixed cycle

8, pressing force points: atmospheric boilers, low pressure boilers, medium pressure boilers, high pressure boilers, super high pressure boilers

9, divided by the number of boilers: single-drum boiler, double-drum boiler

10, according to the combustion set in the boiler internal or external components: internal combustion boilers, external combustion boilers

11, according to the working fluid in the evaporation system flow can be divided into natural circulation boiler, forced circulation boiler, DC boiler.

12, according to the manufacturing level classification: A level, B level, C level, D level, E level (according to the pressure of the manufacture of the boiler)

13, according to the outlet steam pressure is divided into: low pressure boiler (P <2.5MPa), medium pressure boiler (22.5 <P <4.0MPa), high pressure boiler (4.0 P = 10MPa) ), Subcritical boiler (13.7 <P = 16.7MPa), supercritical boiler (P = 22MPa).

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