How To Control The Cost Of The Power Plant ?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

It is important to know the correct cost of a power plant, which includes the cost of the equipment, the cost of constructing the civil structure of the power plant, the cost of fuel, the salaries of the operators, maintenance costs, and miscellaneous costs.

Power plant costs

The details of plant costs are listed below.

Location - The cost of land depends on where you want to build a site.

New turbines and alternators and related machines and protection equipment.

The cost of the boiler (water pipe or fire tube).

Cost of building coal collection, crushing, transportation, preheater, exhaust and cooling towers.

Build a substation.

The cost of building a civil power plant structure.

Operating costs: fuel costs, employee established wages, equipment maintenance, transportation from source to plant, miscellaneous costs and more.

The cost per power plant is different even at the same power. In actual use, the power station is basically coal, oil, natural gas or biomass. Therefore, the cost of fuel is not the same due to the different fuels.

Due to the cost and equipment quality is proportional to the precise calculation of power plant cost is not very high. So, if you want to get the exact cost of a power plant, feel free to contact our online customer service or email at

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