D-type Quick-loading Gas Boiler

- Jan 24, 2018 -

D-type quick-loading gas boiler

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LPG and natural gas are all high quality fuel for D-type quick-fired gas boilers. D-type gas boiler is the main characteristic of clean combustion, zero emission pollution, quick and easy installation and easy operation. The design of D-type boiler has higher thermal efficiency, so it greatly improves the production and quality of steam. Moreover, more water vapor space can be provided to make the enterprise use more steam. In addition, the Shengli boiler is equipped with automatic control system, which is easy to operate and safe to operate.

D-type boiler is one of the common types of boiler, and it is also widely used. It is made up of a large steam bucket which is vertically connected to a smaller bucket through a plurality of steam generating tubes. The resulting water vapor space can be doubled, and the heat exchange area of the steam and fuel combustion is increased. The structure of the D fast loading boiler is more compact, and the area of the boiler room can be saved more by the small area. Fast mounting structure can reduce the installation cycle more. Equipped with Italy, Germany and other international famous brands of combustor, so that the boiler combustion more safe, stable, environmental protection.

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