Energy Saving Transformation Of Industrial Boiler

- Aug 13, 2018 -

Energy saving transformation of industrial boiler


1. Increase the energy saving device of fuel gas boiler.

First of all, we must deal with the fuel. The processed fuel or gas molecular structure can be more scientific and can increase burnout rate. Fuel atomization and further refinement can make the fuel combustion fully under the condition of low oxygen in the combustion chamber. This reduces the air supply and prevents the heat in the flue from being taken away as soon as possible, resulting in a final flue gas temperature of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. Not only that, the highly subdivided fuel can save about 5% of the fuel, the black smoke in the furnace disappears, and the flame burns in a dazzling light. Full combustion of flue gas will greatly reduce harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide and so on. The dust content in the exhaust gas can be reduced by about 40%.

2. Install condensing energy saver.

Because of the particularity of fuel, there will be 18% to 20% gaseous water vapor in the flue gas of oil-gas fired boiler. A large amount of latent heat of vaporization in this part of exhaust gas is not absorbed and utilized, thus reducing the thermal efficiency of fuel. Moreover, the nitrogen oxides and sulfides produced by burning fuel such as fuel or gas need to be treated before they can be discharged into the atmosphere. Therefore, the condenser added to the condensing boiler can greatly absorb the latent heat of vaporization of water vapor in the flue gas, and make the nitrogen oxides and sulfides in the flue gas dissolve in the condensate water, which can greatly reduce the discharge of pollutants.

Four, the boiler tail heat recovery technology using heat pipe technology

Under certain economic and technological conditions, waste heat is the energy that has not been used in the energy utilization equipment, that is, surplus and waste energy. It includes high temperature waste heat, cooling medium waste heat, waste steam waste heat, high temperature products and slag waste heat, chemical reaction waste heat, combustible waste gas waste liquid and waste heat and high pressure fluid residual pressure. According to the investigation, the total waste heat resources of various industries account for 17% ~ 67% of the total fuel consumption, and the recoverable waste heat resources are about 60% of the total waste heat resources.

In the design and manufacture of industrial oil-fired, gas-fired and coal-fired boilers, in order to prevent corrosion and ash plugging of the heated surface at the boiler tail, the standard exhaust temperature is generally not lower than 180 C and the maximum is 250 C. High temperature flue gas emissions not only cause a large amount of waste of heat energy, but also pollute the environment.

The heat pipe waste heat recovery device can recover the heat of flue gas. The recovered heat can be used as boiler supplementary water and domestic water, or as boiler combustion-supporting air or drying materials. Save fuel costs, reduce production costs, reduce emissions, save energy and kill two birds with one stone.  The investment in 3-10 months is remarkable.

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