Five Systems For Burner Of Oil Or Gas Boiler

- Sep 05, 2018 -

Five systems for burner of oil or gas boiler


Gas-fired boiler burner air supply system: air supply is an important activity in the normal operation of the burner, the main function of the system is to inject a specific amount of air into the combustion chamber. The main components are fan motor, shell, air gun fire tube, fan impeller, valve baffle, valve controller, cam mediation mechanism, diffusion disk and so on.

Gas-fired boiler burner ignition system: the main function of the ignition system is to send the air from the air supply system, and fuel pipes into the full mixture, and then injected into the boiler furnace and ignition. The main components of the process are ignition transformer, ignition high voltage cable and ignition electrode.

Gas-fired boiler burner detection system: combustion system detection system is also one of the most important components, mainly monitoring and testing the burning status of the burner, used to ensure the safety and stable operation of the burner. The main components of this part are flame detector, temperature detector, pressure detector and so on.

Fuel system of oil-gas boiler burner: Fuel system is to ensure that the burner is in normal operation, the fuel can be supplied to the burner quality and quantity components. It is mainly composed of oil pumps, tubing joints, nozzles, solenoid valves, heavy oil preheater and other components.

Electric control system of oil-gas boiler burner: Electric control system is the whole command and energy center of burner, the main control component is programmable controller, which controls the behavior of each control system above. Therefore, different models, fuel controllers, will be equipped with different programmable controllers, the market is common LGB series, LAL series, LOA series, LFL series.

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