Gas Boiler Body Design

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Boiler structure by atmospheric design, the top has a large air vent, the boiler at atmospheric pressure to work, away from the danger of explosion; boiler furnace using computer simulation design optimization, the boiler size is completely optimized so that the form of coordination beautiful. CLHS vertical boiler combustion by the burner, the fuel in the furnace within the positive pressure combustion, the tobacco pipe inserted a blocking sheet, slow down the exhaust gas emissions and enhance heat transfer, to ensure that the fuel combustion heat generated by the maximum heating Boiler water, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler; CWNS horizontal boiler with a full wet back three return structure, long flue gas flow, lower exhaust gas temperature, full corrugated furnace gall setting, the flame produced a strong disturbance, strong heat transfer coefficient, And effectively prevent the equipment due to metal thermal expansion and contraction caused by the reduction of life; large-diameter pipe and big hole bridge clearance, so that the boiler scale coating at the same time thin and easy to clean.

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