General Situation Of Power Generation Industry

- Apr 16, 2018 -

General situation of power generation industry

In recent years, environmental protection and energy saving have become an important direction of structural adjustment in China's power industry. The thermal power industry actively promotes industrial structure optimization and upgrading under the guidance of policies, and closes a large number of small thermal power units and stop using small gas boiler with low energy efficiency and heavy pollution. This has speeded up the upgrading of domestic thermal power equipment and gas boiler to a large extent.

Although the growth of thermal power and small gas boiler has slowed down at present, in the long run, the future development prospects of thermal power industry and gas boiler are more optimistic in the progress of environmental protection technology, lower cost of electricity generation and the increase of electricity demand.

It can be seen that the potential of gas boiler Market in thermal power stations is great, and the growth potential of CFB boiler will be more significant, and the main series of the boiler in Shengli boiler company is the gas boiler of energy saving and low nitrogen.

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