How To Choose Oil Fired Boiler

- Sep 04, 2018 -

How to choose oil fired boiler


      Oil fired boiler is a kind of burning equipment that uses oil burner to atomize fuel oil and mix it with air strongly, and it burns in suspension state in the furnace.

The oil is atomized into small droplets through the atomizer, sprays into the furnace at a certain atomization angle, and mixes with the air flow through the distributor. The small droplets are radiated by the high temperature of the furnace, and the convective heat transfer of the high temperature flue gas in the furnace with the entrainment of the jet gas. The temperature of the droplets rises. The droplets are atomized, evaporated, diffused, mixed and ignited. And burning stage to generate high temperature flue gas.

Oil burner is the key equipment of oil fired boiler. Oil burner is composed of oil atomizer, air distributor, flame stabilizer and other main components and auxiliary equipment such as ignition device.Our boiler is equipped with international famous brand burner ,such as Baltur ,Riello and others ,so can make sure quality and when there is something wrong ,users can replace the parts easily .

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