Improving Efficiency Of Gas Fired Boiler

- Jun 29, 2018 -

Improving efficiency of gas fired boiler

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Take the price of a 20t/h steam boiler of a pharmaceutical company as an example. The parameters are: evaporation 20t/h, steam pressure 3.5MPa, steam temperature 330 C, design exhaust temperature 140 C. In this steam boiler, a set of low temperature heat exchanger is installed in the tail flue to reduce the exhaust temperature to 100 degrees C, which can improve the thermal efficiency and improve the economic benefit of the whole plant. 

In order to overcome the problem of low temperature heating surface corrosion caused by this set of steam boiler, the suitable price corrosion resistant coating carbon steel is used instead of ordinary carbon steel, which can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of low temperature heated surface in the acid environment and prolong the service life of the heating surface. 

However, the this steam boiler price has not been much higher than that of the same type boiler, but its performance has improved a lot.

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