Industrial Boiler Arch Function

- Aug 17, 2018 -

   Industrial boiler arch function


  The furnace arch is the protruding part of the furnace wall to the furnace, and is made of refractory material.The furnace plays a very important role in the chain grate boiler .It can strengthen the mixture of combustible gas and air, create conditions for the burnout of combustible gas, in addition, it can also play a role in accelerating the ignition and combustion of new coal.

The furnace arch of industrial boiler is divided into the front arch and the rear arch.The radiant heat of the burning bed and part of the high temperature flue gas are transferred to the ignition zone of the new coal to accelerate the ignition of the coal.

The rear arch and the front arch, accelerating the turbulence of the air flow, promoting the full mixing of combustibles and air to facilitate combustion; prolonging the time of the air flow in the furnace to facilitate the burnout of combustibles.

Different types of coal have different requirements for rear arch.When you buy industry boiler ,should advice us the report of coal specification ,so our technical department can design based on it .

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