Industrial Boiler Installation Preparation

- Jul 25, 2018 -

Industrial boiler installation preparation 


For the industrial boiler installation ,there should be the fireman ,pipe-man ,lifting worker and professional welders .Our engineer will train them the specification ,installation instructions ,how to use and maintenance of a set of industrial boiler .The installation site should be near the using steam location ,so can shorten the length of delivery pipe, reduce the cost and the heat loss of pipeline .The water supply and drainage should be convenient. Fuel storage and ash transporation should also be convenient.The boiler room ,the light is sufficient ,the ventilation is good ,water should not be accumulated on the ground .In order to ensure the operation and maintenance is easy,leave 3-4 meters from the edge of coal hopper ,leave 2.5meters at the back of the boiler ,leave 1.5 meters (including the forced draft fan) at the left of boiler ,leave the 2-2.5meters (including the extension part of slag remover)at the right of boiler.

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