Industrial Boiler Maintenance And Cleaning Service

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Industrial boiler Maintenance and Cleaning service

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Manhole is specially designed for the convenience of installation and maintenance of industrial boiler drum . Inner diameter is larger than or equal to 800mm of water tube boiler and is larger than 1000mm shell type boiler ,should open the manhole on the boiler drum or tube plate.In some parts that can not be entered ,it is necessary to open hand holes, cleaning hole and check holes for inspection and cleaning .In order to avoid steam and water ejection and scald people ,should use the closed structure for hand and man hole cover ,ensure that the liner will not be blown out .The door of man hole on the wall should strong latch ,the cover on the monitoring hole shoule not be washed away by the smoke ,so the humanized design of industrial boiler is very good for customer.

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