Industrial Boiler Working Process

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Industrial boiler working process


The feed water is delivered to the economizer through the feed water pump, and then enters the industrial boiler drum after preheating. The single-phase water enters the non heated downcomer from the boiler drum and enters the evaporating heating surface through the header. The heated surface of the evaporation continuously absorbs heat, and some of the water changes into steam, and the working fluid in the pipe is a mixture of steam and water. Because the density of the steam-water mixture in the evaporation tube is less than that in the descending tube, the pressure difference between the left and right sides of the header is caused by the different density of the working medium, and the steam-water mixture on the evaporation heating surface is pushed upward to flow into the industrial boiler drum. The steam-water mixture is separated in the drum, and the separated steam is sent to the superheater from the top of the drum. The separated water is mixed with the feed water from the economizer and then enters the downcomer again to continue circulation.

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