Industrial Boilers Development

- Nov 10, 2017 -

In the past 15 years, the annual output of industrial boilers in the country has been hovering between 7 and 100 thousand steam tons. In 1987, the national industrial boiler production reached 85 483 tons of steam, while in 2001 it was 85 400 tons of steam. However, the scale of the industry has increased from 551 original enterprises to 969, nearly doubled, and the vast majority of the enterprises added are small-scale C and D enterprises which actually occupy the industrial boiler industry More than three-quarters of the total number of enterprises, can not be said to be a deformity development.

China's existing boiler manufacturing enterprises more than 1,000, too many factories, products of the same degree, most of them did not form a large-scale production. In 2001, only 18 of them produced more than 1,000 tons of steam. In the same year, they produced a total of 37,613 tons of boilers, accounting for 44% of the total output of industrial boilers in that year. However, the annual output of boilers of C and D enterprises on the average is only 50 tons of steam, and the total number of factories is as high as 732, showing that the concentration of industrial boilers is not high. Due to too many factories, small and medium-sized furnace oversupply. In more than a thousand boiler companies have their own design ability of only about 100, most of the rest do not have the basic skills of technology development. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling, and some enterprises have many problems, so that they can turn or close down.

10 years of industrial boiler products due to various factors have undergone some new changes. The proportion of industrial boilers with capacity ≤ 4 t / h decreased from 60% in 1991 to 30% in 2001, almost decreasing by 1/2 while the proportion of boilers with capacity ≥ 10 t / h increased from 25% to 54 %, Making large-capacity boilers enterprises in short supply situation, and the proportion of coal-fired boilers began to decline from 90% in 1991 to 81% in 2001, while the proportion of oil and gas boilers from less than 6% in 1991, Increased to more than 15% in 2001, electric boilers began to be applied. In terms of combustion mode, the proportion of circulating fluidized bed boilers in the total boiler capacity increased from 3% in 1991 to over 10% in 2001, with a slight increase in chain grate boilers. Regarding the type of industrial boilers, the proportion of hydrants to boilers dropped from 45% in 1991 to 21% in 2001, while the proportion of internal combustion boilers increased from less than 4% to more than 10%.

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