​Industrial Steam Boiler Using Attention Problem

- Aug 01, 2018 -

Industrial steam boiler using attention problem

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 Using industrial steam boiler should be paid attention to the following problems:

1.   Moisture proof :electric cabinet ,water pump motor and other parts should be prevented from moisture.The industrial steam boiler should pay attention to cleaning according to the water quality of ther boiler .

2.   Water treatment equipment :If the industrial steam boiler is not equipped with the water softener ,the internal structure will be scaling ,reduce the life of boiler .

3.   Preparation :Check if there is problem of power supply ,water supply .Make sure the power supply is cut off to avoid the danger .

4.   Industrial steam boiler inspection :when you repair the boiler or replace the parts ,to prevent burnout .

5.   Sewage:discharge at least once a day .

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