Influence Of Coal Features On Combustion Of Industry Boiler

- Aug 22, 2018 -

Influence of coal features on combustion of industry boiler


   Moisture of coal will delay the ignition of coal , shorten the working length of combustion and burnout stages, resulting in greater solid incomplete combustion , smoke heat loss in the industry boiler. However, the moisture content of coal should not be too low,especially when burning coal with more fine coal dust, the moisture content should be higher so that the fine coal dust can be properly caking and not blown away or leaked from the grate.At the same time, water evaporation can loosen the coal seam, increase the contact area between coal and air, which is good for the combustion and burnout of coal.For coal with high viscosity, a small amount of water can make the coal seam not too coking;appropriate addition of some water can postpone the volatile emission, reduce the speed of volatile emission, can reduce the heat loss of incomplete combustion of gases.

Therefore, the moisture content of the coal of industry boileris moderate, and the moisture content of the base of the coal should be controlled at 8%-10%.

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