Low Emission Coal Plant Boiler Design

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Low emission coal plant boiler design

Industrial boilers are an important thermal power equipment and China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of industrial boilers. Due to the particularity of the energy structure, China's industrial boilers are mainly coal-fired. Coal is the largest single source of electricity in power generation and its share is growing. In actual use, it is a big challenge for us to reduce harmful exhaust gases, such as carbon dioxide, which are generated when coal is burned to a lesser extent. Clean-burning coal, will be one of the most important human fossil energy.


With improvements in the design of the boiler, coal-fired utility boilers with high efficiency, low emissions, low fuel cost. ZBG low-emission coal-fired power plant boilers include coal-fired circulating fluidized bed power station boilers and pyrolysis coal-fired power station boilers. ZBG low-emission coal power station boiler design has the following characteristics:


1. Secondary air optimization layout.

Optimized secondary air distribution can improve the quality of the blown air, which can not only enhance the burnout of the oxidation zone but also reduce the combustion effect of nitrogen oxides in the reduction zone, thereby suppressing the high temperature to achieve high efficiency of low nitrogen.


2 flue gas recovery technology.

The technology of flue gas recycling can exhaust the exhaust gas so as to reduce the intake air oxygen content to 17% -19%, so as to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency desulfurization with low nitrogen.


3. Measurement and control system.

Through the accurate measurement of flow can achieve the following purpose and effect. The secondary air volume can be accurately measured, and the combustion stage can be precisely controlled; the unit is kept in a low nitrogen state at any time; and the synergistic control of the combustion efficiency of the nitrogen oxide boiler is realized.

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