Maintenance Method Of Gas Boiler Burner

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Maintenance method of gas boiler burner


Gas boiler in daily use, we must first pay attention to the following common sense of use. 1, the cleaning of the gas boiler must be maintained and the air in the boiler room can not be blocked. When maintaining and disassembling the burner, it is necessary to close the power supply first; 2. Keep the door unsteady when the door is locked; 3. Do not use the gas boiler to incinerate garbage, paper, etc. without special instructions for the use of the boiler; 4. The inlet pressure of the burner should not exceed the nameplate. Maximum pressure of the valve group; 5. Burner and other boilers are strictly prohibited to pile up debris, garbage and so on around the operation to avoid inhaling burners.

Burner start environment 1, power supply connected, to ensure the stability of the power supply, non-breaking phase; 2, boiler ignition, should ensure that the supply pipeline and thermal cycle pipeline system of the valve, valve group is open; 3, gas pressure should be maintained within the pressure range applicable to the burner.

When ignition, the burner did not respond to the inspection method 1, first of all to check whether the gas supply valve on the gas pipeline is open; 2, after closing the start button, to check the thermostat adjustment position, but strictly prohibit the adjustment of the thermostat inside; 3, check whether the fuse is broken.

After ignition the burner does not burn inspection 1, carefully check the start-up status of the burner, but strictly prohibit private start-up, demolition of the burner; 2, the boiler internal residual gas is not exhausted, not re-ignition burner; 3, if the burner has not been ignited, should ask professional personnel to solve.

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