Matters Needing Attention In Gas Boiler Body Maintenance

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Matters needing attention in gas boiler body maintenance


Both gas boiler and coal-fired boiler need to be maintained and maintained in daily use. Only by maintaining the boiler regularly and scientifically can it be safer and energy-saving in later use. Then, what matters should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of gas fired boilers? Next, Qingdao Shengli boiler will tell you about the daily maintenance of the gas boiler body.

First, clean the boiler.

The cleanliness of the boiler is mainly to clean up the fouling of the combustion chamber and the thread pipe. In the cleaning process, the explosion-proof door of the burner should be opened first, the face plate of the back shell should be removed, the screw of the boiler cleaner should be unscrewed, and then the flue should be cleaned with steel ball. The combustor can also clean the residue in the boiler with a clean brush. After the cleaning process is completed, the assembly process is reversed and the sealing ring is checked. After the examination is finished, it can continue to be used.

Second, anti freezing maintenance

As the weather changes, the temperature in many areas will gradually fall below zero degrees Celsius. When using gas-fired boilers in these areas, attention should be paid to the freeze-proof measures of the equipment. For example, if a boiler room is built outdoors, it should ensure that the boiler system runs around the clock to avoid freezing equipment. If the boiler and its circulating equipment are not used for a long time, the water inside the boiler and piping should be emptied.

Three. Cathodic protection

The construction materials of boilers are generally corroded and rusty materials such as iron and steel. In order to prevent electrochemical corrosion, appropriate protective measures should be adopted.

Fourth boiler blowdown

The bottom blowdown of gas fired boiler is used to prevent boiler condensate from corroding. Because of the particularity of fuel, the fuel gas boiler will produce gaseous water after combustion. When this part of water vapor is cooled, it will condense into liquid water. Once the residual sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the flue gas encounter the condensate, they will produce high corrosiveness. Therefore, the oil-gas boiler system will set up relevant sewage outlets to prevent boiler corrosion. In addition to this part of the sewage, boiler brine drainage is also crucial. Calcium and chlorine plasma contained in boiler water can easily form scales, which can easily cause uneven heating inside the boiler and damage. Therefore, internal brine discharge is also crucial.

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