Matters Needing Attention In Water Replenishment Of Condensing Steam Boiler

- Oct 08, 2018 -

With the development of energy saving and emission reduction, condensing steam boiler is more and more used in practice. Because of its energy saving and environmental protection, good tolerance in use and other factors, it has been favored by all industries. Condensing boiler is a kind of equipment that produces a large amount of steam by heating water, thus producing the steam energy needed. Therefore, water vaporization in the production of water vapor at the same time, resulting in high exhaust temperature, so the temperature of flue gas secondary absorption is also very necessary. Because steam can not be recovered in use like hot water boilers, so the water consumption of steam boilers is very high, so more attention should be paid to the water supply of condensing boilers, following the Shengli Boiler, to understand the attention of the water supply of condensing boilers.

Selection of water quality for condensing steam boiler when water is pumped up:

Because of the difference of water quality in different areas and different geographical environment, the filtration system selected by each area is also very different. However, the requirements of condensing steam boilers for water use are very demanding and similar. Only by reducing the formation of impurities, inorganic salts and sediments in water can the boiler life be guaranteed. Therefore, softening water and purified water must be used in boiler water supply and feeding, so as not to affect the service life of the boiler and the quality of the steam produced.

Control of water temperature during condensing steam boiler water supply:

When the condensing steam boiler replenishment, the water is medium and high temperature water. Compared to water at room temperature, this water absorbs the temperature of the high-temperature flue gas (the temperature of the latent heat of vaporization), which causes the temperature to rise. But in operation, we should pay more attention to the temperature of the upper water, and not overheat the water. This is because the temperature is too high, resulting in high expansion of equipment and leakage of pipes. If the temperature of water replenishment is too low, it may also lead to excessive temperature drop in the boiler, and the quality of steam produced will be reduced.

Control of water level of condensing steam boiler when water is pumped up:

Not only condensing boilers, other types of boilers in operation, the water level should be well controlled in the standard water level space. Excessive water level will not only lead to the spillover of high temperature water, but also make the equipment subject to high temperature expansion, and even lead to serious consequences. If the water level is too low, it will lead to dry burning of the boiler, greatly reducing the service life of the boiler or causing accidents.

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