Qingdao Shengli Boiler: Those Faces That Should Not Be Forgotten

- Jun 21, 2018 -

Since 2015, relevant departments of the state have issued a series of documents and regulations on the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. It is expressly stipulated that the relevant old capacity is phased out and replaced, and coal fired boiler is one of them. The coal-fired boilers that have contributed to the economic growth of our country for more than half a century, which have contributed to the economic growth of two digits each year, will also withdraw from the historical stage for the development of the environment and the sustainable development.


Since 1970, China's economic growth rate has averaged over 8%. How can we reduce the merit of industrial boilers that have the heart of industrial energy, and how can they reduce the figure of the stoker beside the boiler all weather in the wind and rain in the years? Next, we will follow the memory of Qingdao Shengli boiler to understand and remember the bitter and bitter taste of these years.


Some people once said that burning boilers and boilers is a comparatively easy and easy job. However, these people certainly did not think of all weather, 24 hours shift duty in front of the boiler packing, ash removal, water, maintenance and so on a series of complicated work. A 10 ton coal-fired boiler burns nearly 2 tons of raw coal per hour. It means that 2 tons of raw coal should be delivered to the boiler every hour, and ten hours a day is 20 tons of coal.


In the eyes of many people, Stoker is heating furnace in winter. But for industrial production, boilers are actually an important part of energy supply. All the year, we struggled in our jobs. No matter how cold the night was in the winter and how hot the temperature was in the summer, they always fought in the front line as long as industrial development needed. A veteran stove worker who has worked for over 20 years has experienced an outdoor temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, and the temperature inside the boiler room is more than 50 degrees. Every day in the post with a bag of salt, drinking water must add a little salt to avoid water poisoning. In those years, a broken fan in the boiler room was blowing away. But it is the countless stoker workers who have ensured the miraculous development of Chinese manufacturing.


It has been said that the stoker in winter is a very desirable type of work. This idea may also be suitable for homes in the northern countryside of the winter and burn itself for heating. Real industrial boilers, whether in winter or summer, are not an easy thing to do. Mr. Li, who once burned over ten years of boiler in Xinjiang area, once told us that the heating furnace can be made around October in the Xinjiang area, but the more serious problem is the room temperature of twenty or thirty degrees below zero.  In that era without mechanization, water supply, antifreeze, fillers and so on are all challenges. The coal is stacked in the material room. Once frozen, like an iceberg, it can only be chiseled down with a shovel. And the boiler is also delayed. The pressure will delay the progress of the whole industrial production.


Too many moments, too many stories, too many shots are not enough to test the miracle rate of economic growth. But it is precisely those countless workers who are struggling on the front line that have created the changes in China's manufacturing, China's speed and the rise of China. Qingdao Shengli boiler has been over 40 years, from artificial coal-fired boiler to today's low nitrogen environmental protection automatic boiler. Experiencing the development of science and technology, it also recorded the course of the development of the motherland. We should also record these nameless heroes and their efforts.

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