Reasons For Two Vaporization Problems Of Hot Water Boiler

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Reasons for two vaporization problems of hot water boiler


Hot water boiler in daily use is mainly to provide us with hot water energy, so if the hot water boiler vaporization phenomenon, will lead to a series of adverse consequences and even affect the safety of production. Therefore, only by understanding the causes and conditions of vaporization of hot water boilers can effective measures be formulated to ensure the long-term stable operation of boilers.


Before solving this problem, we should understand the types of vaporization of hot water boilers, one is super-temperature vaporization, the other is partial vaporization. The causes are different, and the corresponding solutions are different. If the hot water boiler and its corresponding hot water heating system have a gravity circulation loop, the gravity circulation valve should be opened first. One of the factors causing the vaporization of hot water boilers is the pressure reduction or system leakage caused by the failure of the boiler's constant pressure device. In this case, the boiler should be shut down urgently, and in the case of safety assurance, the boiler to find out the reasons, until the elimination of pressure reduction caused by the fault, so that the boiler system in cold operation for a period of time, the detection of various instruments and other data reading is correct, the boiler will be heated to a constant pressure state to use.


The local vaporization of hot water boilers is also complicated, which may be caused by the poor water circulation in the hot water boilers, stagnation, small inclination angle of the boiler tubes and low water flow rate in the process of recirculation, or by the improper distribution of the return pipes of forced circulation hot water, resulting in cold and hot water. Partial vaporization caused by uneven distribution. A better understanding of the factors responsible for the partial vaporization of the boiler will help solve the problem. For a hot water boiler with forced thermal circulation, if vaporization occurs in a certain loop or individual tube bundle section of the boiler, it is necessary to consider regulating and improving the introduction or regulation of backwater. The most common way is to change the natural distribution mode to the regulating distribution mode, so that the vaporization problem of the hot water boiler will be greatly improved.


When serious vaporization occurs in hot water boilers, the operation of boiler equipment should be stopped immediately, but circulating water pumps should be kept in operation, and the water flow in the vaporization loop should be increased to ensure the rapid flow of water within the system. When the water hammer phenomenon of the boiler tube is disappeared, the boiler ignition can continue.

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