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- Dec 10, 2018 -


      Related reference

      For the manufacturer of gas filler block, the choice of price of steam boiler has reference information, mainly referring to the capacity of steam boiler. The boiler configuration scheme of different output gas filling production lines is different. If the annual output of 20-50,000 cubic meters of gas block equipment production line, the need for a 4-ton steam boiler can be produced, the price is relatively low. The annual production line of 50-100,000 cubic meters of gas-filling block equipment, a 4-ton boiler can also meet the demand, but we recommend the use of a moderately priced 6-ton steam boiler. The annual output of 150,000 cubic meters of gas-filling block equipment production line, a 8-ton steam boiler to meet production requirements, the price is higher than 4 tons and 6 tons of steam boilers. Under normal circumstances, the larger the capacity of the steam boiler, the lower the average price to each tonnage.

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