SHENGLI Boiler Good Service To Have A Good User Experience

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Good service to have a good user experience

Two days ago, a customer sent me a message. Say they have a boiler that has been burnt in less than a year (near scrapped) and what to procure the relevant boiler materials for repair. Although we have boilers by themselves, pressure vessel A-class manufacturing license certificate and boiler repair business, but understand the customer's situation, we are afraid to go to repair. Even more afraid to sell the boiler raw materials to him for repair. After inquiry that the customer with the original boiler manufacturer quarrel because of the boiler quality problems, so the original boiler manufacturers refused to conduct after-sales maintenance.

Firstly, the pressure vessels such as boilers are required to be repaired, and after the series of tests such as assembly, flaw detection, pressure test, commissioning and so on after the repair is completed, the safety testing certificate may even need to be issued by the relevant testing institution before being put into operation. Hurriedly dismantling, maintenance may lead to major accidents. Second, customers choose boiler suppliers, but also to select a strong, strong boiler manufacturer to avoid late-stage after-sales service objections.

SHENGLI boiler Delivery site

Shengli Boiler is an old factory with 40 years of boiler manufacturing experience and has an experienced after sales system. And the company in the world nearly 10 countries set up a proxy and maintenance point, you can promptly respond to the needs and support from all over the world. Victory boiler has its own installation, maintenance, construction team, you can independently complete high standards and strict requirements, construction requirements in harsh environments.

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