ShengLi Boiler Went Into Pakistan

- Feb 27, 2018 -

ShengLi boiler went into Pakistan

At the beginning of the new year, Everything looks fresh and new year new life. Qingdao's Shengli boiler ushered in Pakistan's customers. And by understanding our production workshop, production process and other conditions, signed an exclusive agreement in Pakistan.

Since 2017, Shengli Boiler has started negotiating with this customer from Pakistan. Because of the demand for work and the demand for development, Pakistan customers have found a lot of boiler producers in China. However, the customer have to face the annual sales of dozens and hundreds of boilers, as well as the entire country and region. After a long and multifaceted survey, our customers signed a long-term cooperation and agency agreement on the day they visiting our factory.

Visit the factory

Seeing clean, regular factories and working processes, our friends are very praising us.

Research products

After seeing our product, our friends  carefully studied every detail of the product.

Field discussion

After careful negotiation, the scene signed a long-term cooperation agreement.

Reach an agreement

Perfect trip, Pakistan customers have left a pure smile.

Shengli boiler

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