Special Requirements For Biomass Steam Boilers In The Tire Manufacturing Industry

- Aug 28, 2018 -

Special requirements for biomass steam boilers in the tire manufacturing industry


With the further development of the tire manufacturing industry, its requirements for steam boilers are also increasing. In the tire manufacturing process, rubber mixing and vulcanization are two indispensable processes. The energy used is mainly steam and electricity, and vulcanization is the most consumed part of steam. For the production needs, the tire manufacturing company selects the appropriate biomass steam boiler by comparing the fuel combustion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The design team is required to design a different number of independent seals according to the burning rate according to the burning speed to ensure the full combustion of the fuel. The fully automatic biomass chain steam boiler can meet the needs of the tire manufacturing industry. In addition to meeting environmental protection requirements, it greatly improves the fuel combustion efficiency.

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