The Advantages Of Biomass Boilers

- Nov 10, 2017 -

Biomass boiler needs green new energy, compared with other boilers, biomass boiler has the following four major advantages:

1, a multi-purpose furnace, while heating can cook, boil water, bathing.

2, super conversion system, start heat transfer temperature is low, heat transfer speed.

3, low installation costs, heating safety: universal equipment, do not change the original heating equipment, pipes, radiators common, the use of water circulation to achieve a wide range of heating sources, never depleted, anywhere desirable (such as: chaff, corn stalks, Rice straw, wheat)

4, safety and environmental protection: work pressure, no, cooking, boiling water, bathing, heating, etc., but also suitable for burning boilers, greenhouses heating, heating a large area, small hotels, not subject to seasonal restrictions, can be used throughout the year . Hengyang Dacheng Boiler Co., Ltd. believes that the future of biomass boilers is a major development direction of the boiler industry, operating under contract energy management mode of the new boiler, will effectively reduce emissions of PM2.5, to reduce the haze of the weather there.

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