The Meaning Of The Boiler

- Nov 10, 2017 -

A boiler refers to a mechanical device that uses water or other energy to heat water to become hot water or steam. The boiler consists of two parts: the pot and the stove. The original meaning of the pot refers to the container of water that is heated on the fire. The stove refers to the place where the fuel is burned. It is a stove under the pot and a boiler is formed.

Hot water or steam generated in the boiler can provide the required heat energy directly for industrial production and people's livelihood. It can also be converted into mechanical energy by steam power plant, or the mechanical energy can be converted into electric energy by the generator.

Boilers providing hot water, known as hot water boilers, are mainly used for living and there are a few applications in industrial production. Boilers generate steam called steam boilers, often referred to as boilers, and more for thermal power plants, ships, locomotives and industrial and mining enterprises.

The boiler is an energy conversion device. The energy input to the boiler is in the form of chemical energy, electric energy, heat energy of high-temperature flue gas, etc., and is exported to the outside through a boiler to output steam, high-temperature water or organic heat carrier with certain heat energy.

Chi Institute data research center statistics show: January-November 2012 China's industrial boiler output of 419631.87 tons of evaporation. Output, Henan, Sichuan, Shandong and other places in the country's leading position, January-November industrial boiler production in Henan reached 81,026.1 tons of evaporation, accounting for 19.31% of the national total. In the power plant boiler production: In November, the boiler output of power plants was 73,784 tons, an increase of 70.78% over the same period of last year. From January to November in 2012, the cumulative output of power station boilers in the country was 481,452 tons, an increase of 6.52% over the same period of last year.

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