The Pioneers Of The New And Old Kinetic Energy Conversion Of Qingdao Shengli Boiler

- Mar 16, 2018 -

The pioneers of the new and old kinetic energy conversion of Qingdao Shengli boiler

Recently, news reports on the transformation of the new and old kinetic energy of the government have been in an endless stream. Shandong province has also been endowed with the national new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive test area. But many people do not understand what the new and old kinetic energy converts to, and how the new and old kinetic energy can be converted. First of all, put forward new kinetic energy conversion is in 2015, October, Premier Li Keqiang in the government meetings in the China economy undertook preliminary judgment: "China's economy is in a difficult process and kinetic energy transfer", is also the new kinetic energy appears in the national leader's speech. The thorough point is the science and technology enterprise, innovation, environmental protection and sustainable development of the social transformation; to energy saving and environmental friendly, the development of science and technology and humanities international change; national image from Chinese manufacturing technology transformation to create Chinese.

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As a national comprehensive test area of new and old energy conversion, Qingdao is the core area of the old and new energy conversion in Shandong. It is also a positive action in the whole region, which has rapidly transferred to all areas, enterprises and other related instructions and seriously studied the relevant reports of Shandong. The reporters made an interview on the Qingdao victory boiler.

In 2017, the 500 top Organizing Committee of China's manufacturing enterprises, after a series of screening, finally selected Qingdao Shengli boiler as "the top 20 of the Chinese boiler industry in 2017". As a result, I can be lucky to be the invited interview company of the old and new kinetic energy conversion in Qingdao. The rain has been set up after 40 years of Qingdao victory boiler, from the initial lack of people, lack of equipment, lack of technology of small factories, become now the Department has more than 300 employees, 20 companies and more than 30 researchers, more than 20 technical personnel, more than 18 master researchers state. This is also the result of many years of hard work in Qingdao's victory boilers.


The technical personnel of Qingdao Shengli boiler told us such a product. In recent years, the national sandstorm, fog and haze have been raging. The Shengli boiler, as the energy supply enterprise, is also deeply puzzled, how is the pollution coming from? Dust and haze began to boil down to coal, but the PM2.5 in the air was still rampant through a large area of coal. The technical personnel of the final victory boiler found that the original haze was the increase of nitrogen oxides in the air. After many experiments, we know that the original nitrogen oxide is related to the fuel, temperature, oxygen content and so on in the boiler. Therefore, after many deductions and designs of the victory boiler, the FRG boiler is successfully launched. The fuel gas FRG boiler replaces the tail gas after burning and condensing into the furnace chamber according to the proportion, reducing the oxygen content and reducing the furnace temperature. The reaction of oxygen to nitrogen was prevented from the root.


It is also the study of the victory boilers many years ago, so that in last year, the activities of changing coal and coal to electricity were made great. It is also through unremitting research to let the triumph boiler enter the top 20 industry of the Chinese boiler industry. It is this kind of spirit that can make the Shengli boiler the pioneer of the old and new kinetic energy conversion.

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