Water Quality Requirements And Solutions For Industrial Steam Boilers

- Jul 16, 2018 -

Water quality requirements and solutions for industrial steam boilers

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Industrial steam boilers are the heart of industrial production. Industrial steam Boiler water treatment is to provide qualified blood for the heart. It is an indispensable means to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler. Poor quality  water for industrial steam boilers can caused scaling and corrosion . Therefore, according to regulations, boiler water quality must meet the following requests:

1) Suspended matter ≤ 5mg / L  2) Total hardness ≤0.03mmol/L  3) PH needs to be between 10-12.  4) Total alkalinity, ratio of salt to hardness.

 As usual, we can reduce the hardness of water?less than 3mg/L by the softener. But if the total alkalinity is more than the total hardness, we call the water in this case negative hardness water. In this case, it can not be less than 3mg/L just treated by the softener. it need a reverse osmosis water treatment to soften the water hardness less than 3mg/L.

The cost of a?reverse osmosis water treatment is very high, so our engineer give us two suggestions to solve this problem.

1) change the water softener to a reverse osmosis water treatment. 

2)thinking of equipment cost, the user also can still use one water softener,?and shorten the boiler inspection and repairing period.? (as usual, it should be 4000hours, in this case, it could be shorten to 2000hours.)

Besides these, the boiler water PH should be 10-12, if your water PH is less than 7, we suggest that the user should increase discharge to maintain boiler water quality.

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