What Is An Industrial Boiler

- Nov 10, 2017 -

There are two types of industrial boiler products. One is steam, which is used for power generation or gas supply. For example, the fertilizer plant can be steam-vaporized and coal is used as raw material to synthesize fertilizer. This is a typical industrial boiler, Most of the gas is generally waste heat boiler for recycling waste heat. Industrial boiler is a common circulating fluidized bed boiler Industrial boiler is an important thermal power equipment, our country is the world boiler production and use of the most countries. China's manufacturing industry was established and developed after the founding of new China.

In the future for a long period of time, coal-fired industrial boilers will still be the leading products in our country, and are mostly large-capacity (single evaporation ≥ 10t / h). However, coal-fired boilers will have serious environmental pollution. With the change of energy supply structure and the increasingly stringent energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, the development and application of natural gas will enter a period of rapid development. Small coal-fired industrial boilers will exit the downtown area. Therefore, the use of clean fuels and clean combustion technology, efficient, energy saving, low pollution industrial boilers will be the trend of product development.

Domestic boiler manufacturing license enterprises, as of the end of 2002, did not include 37 enterprises holding YJ certificate, 674 alone made parts manufacturing license. The installed capacity of industrial boilers nationwide reached 576,000 sets in 2002, with a total heating power of 1,994,600 MW.

2002 A, B-class boiler manufacturers, a total of 23,600 industrial boilers completed, about 90,600 tons of steam. Statistics show that the output of the top 50 industrial boiler plant total production has exceeded 50% of the total demand.

Industrial boilers, divided into hot water boilers and steam boilers according to the purpose. In accordance with the product performance is divided into steel industrial boilers, condensing industrial boilers and vacuum boilers. Faroeli industrial boilers, both natural gas and diesel fuel, fuel gas dual-purpose boiler.

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