What Should We Do If Encounter Water Vaporization In A Hot Water Boiler?

- Sep 03, 2018 -

What should we do if encounter water vaporization in a hot water boiler?


Water vaporization accident of hot water boiler: The water vaporization of hot water boiler can be divided into all over-temperature vaporization and local over-temperature vaporization. The water vaporization of the hot water boiler can cause water hammer, causing strong impact and severe vibration of the entire boiler and heating system, and even damage to the boiler, heating system and buildings. Local over-temperature vaporization of hot water boilers can cause overheating of the heated parts of the boiler, causing fatigue cracks and blasting. When the hot water boiler is overheated, it will cause an explosion. So what should we do if encounter water vaporization in a hot water boiler?

(1) Rapidly reduce combustion and lower furnace temperature.

(2) When the power is cut off, the standby power supply should be turned on or the auxiliary circulating water pump driven by the internal combustion engine should be activated.

(3) If there is no backup power supply and no other measures, close the water outlet and return water valve, tap the tap water to the boiler, open the drain valve of the boiler outlet to drain, and let the pot water flow to cool the heating surface until the heat storage in the furnace is eliminated. When there is no tap water, the system return water can be introduced into the boiler by the bypass pipe, and then discharged by the bleed valve to cool the heating surface of the boiler.

(4) If the safety accessories on the boiler are damaged, they should be replaced in time.

(5) When the temperature of the boiler water rises sharply and severe vaporization occurs, the furnace should be stopped urgently.

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