Why Oil Boiler Galvanized?

- Aug 29, 2018 -

Why oil boiler galvanized?


Oil-fired boiler is not uncommon in industrial production, but the oil-fired boiler galvanizing is rarely known, then, why oil-fired boiler galvanizing? And what are the parts of zinc plating? Next, let's learn about the knowledge of oil fired boiler zinc plating with Sheng Guang boiler.

During the operation of the boiler, the inner gallbladder of the boiler is subjected to high temperature baking, and heat transfer will make the boiler body withstand the challenge brought by the difference of temperature and pressure between inside and outside. If used unreasonably, it will even affect the whole life of the boiler. Therefore, raw materials for boilers should be selected with strong corrosion resistance, strong tensile strength and good heat transfer coefficient. Moreover, most customers require galvanizing of the furnace, because galvanizing can increase the life of the boiler. First of all, zinc is a very active metal which is easy to oxidize. But zinc oxide is not like iron is a loose oxide powder, on the contrary, zinc oxide is a dense oxide surface layer can prevent internal metal and external oxygen contact, thus preventing further oxidation of internal metal. When the surface of the galvanized sheet rubs off the zinc oxide protective film, the inner metal (steel) is exposed to oxygen, but because zinc is more active than iron, according to the principle of chemical batteries, zinc is first oxidized to protect the iron inside. Therefore, the service life of galvanized boiler will be longer.

In addition, galvanized raw materials can also prevent oxidation reactions inside the boiler. Boiler before leaving factory, will do pressure test, used to detect the boiler welding, weld quality and so on, after water more or less will remain part of the internal water stains, such as steel in this humid and cool environment is also very prone to oxidation reaction. Therefore, when the boiler is installed for the first time, the phenomenon of yellow water will appear. If industrial boilers do not require much of the product, internal zinc plating can be used to avoid internal oxidation reactions.

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