Winter Heating Boilers From Coal To Gas Too Busy Boiler Plant

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Winter heating boilers from coal to gas too busy boiler plant


In recent years, Chinese government for the management of environmental issues and the impact of the haze, the national joint functional departments to conduct feasibility studies and projections. We decided to implement heating boilers, industrial boilers and civilian boilers from coal to gas operations in the country. Coal to gas can solve the coal-fired PM2.5, PM10, reduce the haze explosion and so on. Improve the living environment of citizens and protect future generations living environment, therefore, a policy he won the support of most Chinese residents.


As we all know, China is a big manufacturing country, and many manufacturing-oriented enterprises have to carry out coal-to-gas operations. This poses a greater challenge to the boiler-making enterprises. From the beginning of the year, people at the gate of Shengli Boiler Factory waited every day. From the raw materials down the assembly line, many factories began to stare until the boiler is shipped out of each escort. Some customers advance payment for more than two months have not received the finished goods. Therefore, some people have specifically asked why we should devote ourselves to the products of Shengli Boiler House. How do you choose the boilers of other factories? Customer's answer can explain everything, we choose the product, the domestic boiler industry, the best value for money. Although some boilers in China are a bit cheaper, they are really easy to damage and their after-sale protection is not good.

 Gas Hot Water Boiler

Customer choice and reputation, is the key to our market to get the boiler. Some time ago a domestic manufacturer of gas-fired burners found us and told us that we could provide us with domestic burners. We said that for the safety and efficiency of our customers, the burners are not made in China and are imported from Italy or Germany Come on. However, the supplier said that we can provide a full range of counterfeit nameplates and instructions. This is one we sell fake ah, although the price is a lot cheaper, but the quality is definitely off, but ah, so we put these vendors pull the black.

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