Oil And Gas Normal Pressure Hot Water Boiler

Place of origin:shandong China Brand Name:SHENGLI Model Number: ISO Type Material:Q235(C1015)、Q245 Fuel:oil ated capacity :1-20ton/hr

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Oil and gas normal pressure hot water boiler

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The CWNS type oil and gas hot water boiler of Shengli boiler is designed by the famous design institutions of China, such as Ocean University of China, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other high school graduates. It's an efficient heating device for automatic control system. Using a number of international patent technology to optimize the design of the oil and gas boiler, the more reasonable combustion chamber and heating area have been realized, and the thermal efficiency of the ordinary boiler is increased by more than 10%. The boiler is equipped with the explosion proof device behind the boiler to prevent the occurrence of deflagration, high discharge energy and automatic reset, so as to ensure operation safety and operation efficiency.

The Shengli boiler oil and gas pressure hot water boiler is the three - way structure of the horizontal fast loading boiler. It has compact structure, small volume, strong load adaptability and low water quality. The boiler adopts a wet back structure, which can adapt to high temperature, has good sealing performance, increases the area of radiant heat exchange and improves the heat transfer efficiency.

1. Water level monitoring: equipped with water level electronic detector to control water level.

2. Set time: users can set up start and stop time for their needs.

Three. Leakage protection: when the boiler components have electricity leakage, the control system will automatically cut off the power.

4. Water shortage protection: when the boiler is short of water, the system will turn off the burner and raise the alarm.

5. Power abnormal protection: when the power is normal, the boiler will stop working immediately.

6. Overpressure protection: when the boiler pressure exceeds the set point, the burner stops and improves the alarm.

7. Pressure controller, water level alarm, safety valve, low water level alarm, multiple safety protection.

8. Manifold and protection system: provide filter, regulator, solenoid valve and so on, so as to ensure gas safety.

9. Flue gas monitoring: it can automatically monitor the boiler exhaust gas temperature and make it easier to grasp the combustion of the boiler.


CWNS series of fuel gas and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler are widely used for hot water supply. Generally speaking, it is usually used in schools, hotels, swimming pools, bakeries, greenhouses, farms and so on, sometimes used for industrial products.


1. Boiler customization

Shengli boiler has a mature R & D design team, and has been with many scientific research institutions for a long time, namely Tsinghua University and Xi'an Jiaotong University. Shengli boiler can customize boiler, water quality, fuel characteristics, meet the requirements and maximize the boiler efficiency based on customer demand.

1) burners - customers can specify a brand

2) electric control cabinet, customers can choose PLC and touchscreen control cabinet, and the brand of electrical components can be specified.

3) pump, the customer can specify the brand and use the variable frequency water supply with the boiler to save energy and reduce operation cost.

4) boiler economizer can be equipped with economizer based on customer demand to improve boiler thermal efficiency.

5) water treatment equipment based on water quality can be equipped with different water treatment equipment. Generally speaking, there are softened water treatment and reverse osmosis water treatment equipment.

6) the shell color of the boiler. Customers can specify the color of the boiler shell and elegant appearance.

2. Superior quality

1) the Shengli boiler has a professional design engineer. Before manufacturing, every boiler design drawing will be approved by the state quality and Technology Supervision Bureau (state quality and Technology Supervision Bureau) by the experts of boiler and pressure vessel, and then the boiler can be produced.

2) in order to ensure the quality of raw materials, all steel plates are specially used for boiler inspection certificates. When raw materials are checked in factory, only qualified materials can be put into storage and used for production.

3) in order to ensure welding quality, the welding professional team includes more than 30 senior welders. Welding materials are stored at constant temperature and humidity to ensure the quality of welding materials.

4) nondestructive testing will ensure welding quality, such as X ray flaw detection, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing or penetration testing.

5) water pressure test will ensure the strength of seal and boiler pressure components. Under normal circumstances, the test pressure is 12.5 times rated working pressure.

6) all raw materials and boiler supervision experts from the boiler pressure vessel inspection organization. There are ISO 9001 and CE international quality certification, which can provide quality certification such as SGS inspection report, BV, energy audit report and energy efficiency test report and so on.

Three. Advanced technology and structure

1) professional engineers installation team, door-to-door installation and after-sales service, provide door. Boilers run smoothly and safely, and you will make them worry free.

2) 24 hours hotline to solve your problems, and provide professional technical support and timely sales services, around the world.

5. Convenient maintenance

1) there is manhole and head hole, and there is a movable door in the boiler hand hole and the front and back smoke box, which is convenient for installation, inspection and cleaning inside the boiler.

2) the explosion-proof equipment has a fire mirror inspection library, which is convenient for furnace inspection and maintenance.


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