Oil Fired Heat Conduction Oil Boiler

Place of origin:shandong China Brand Name:SHENGLI Model Number: ISO Type Material:Q235(C1015)、Q245 Fuel:oil ated capacity :1-20ton/hr

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Oil fired heat conduction oil boiler

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As we all know, water and steam are used as heat carriers in the process heating system. But at temperatures above 100 degrees, water and steam need higher operating pressure. In industrial heating, this high temperature level is usually a demand. In order to achieve the necessary high production process, it is necessary to design a very high pressure steam boiler or water heater, and this cost is very high and dangerous. Therefore, the oil fired heat conduction oil boiler has come into being.

Oil fired heat conduction oil boiler, a special oil based hot fluid, is used as a heat carrier rather than water or steam. This hot fluid is also known as a heat transfer fluid and operates at atmospheric pressure for 300 degrees. Hot oil provides users with high temperature at very low pressure.

The oil fired heat conduction oil boiler of Shengli boiler has the function of automatic ignition, combustion, circulating pump control and alarm. It has the characteristics of lower middle pressure temperature and stability. It is equipped with a perfect operation control system and safety monitoring device. It has a broad application prospect. Widely used in transportation chemical raw materials, heavy oil, asphalt, drying industry and other transportation industries.


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