Pressurized Condensing Hot Water Boiler

Place of origin:shandong China Brand Name:SHENGLI Model Number: ISO Type Material:Q235(C1015)、Q245 Fuel:oil ated capacity :1-20ton/hr

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Pressurized condensing hot water boiler

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Qingdao Shengli boiler pressure condensing hot water boiler has been patent for the patent of water pump connection and replenishment, the patented mode of burners butt mode, and the leak detection of gas fired boilers. The boiler side stroke wet back bellows structure. The burner has functions of automatic purging and flameout protection. The pressure condensing hot water boiler of Shengli boiler can choose touch type and PLC full automatic controller. It can control, record, detect and alarm regularly. We can also reserve the bit communication interface according to the needs of users to achieve integrated control. Shengli boiler uses 100mm aluminum silicate insulation material and mirror reflector glass wool for insulation, and the outer skin thickness is about 13mm, which is safe and concise.


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