Methanol Fired Steam Boiler

Fuel :Heavy oil ,Light oil ,diesel
Rated capacity :1-20ton/hr
Rated working pressure :0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6/3.82 Mpa 7bar /10bar /13 bar 101psi /145 psi

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Methanol fired steam boiler

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All the flue gas passages of the Shengli methanol steam boiler are placed in the water. The tail is equipped with a waste heat tank and a perfect thermal insulation outsourcing design. The smoke box seal adopts a labyrinth structure to avoid the smoke leakage in the smoke box. The thermal efficiency of the boiler is up to 90%, and the size of the furnace gallbladder is in good agreement with the flame. The flow area of the flue gas is reduced at the same speed and the heat exchange time in the furnace is guaranteed to achieve the best heat transfer effect. The high performance combustor makes full and automatic regulation to make the combustion fully, save fuel and reduce pollution. The superfine glass cotton with high thermal insulation performance is less dissipating, and the intelligent energy saving control system is used to control the boiler and the supply system of steam supply (water supply), and the fuel supply of different loads is combined more. Energy saving. The installation method is integral fast installed boiler, with little vibration, no special requirements for foundation, no anchor bolts are needed, and installation is simple and easy.

1. Large diameter corrugated furnace gallbladder

The combustion chamber of the boiler is composed of a large diameter full corrugated furnace. The combustion chamber is large, the fuel is completely burned, effectively absorbing heat and thermal expansion, and the radiation heating surface is large.

2. The heat is sufficient

The heating area of the boiler is designed to be larger than 25 square meters/ton. It can fully absorb effective heat, low exhaust gas temperature and small heat loss, and ensures high efficiency and efficiency.

3. Steam quality

The diameter of the shell is large, the water capacity is large, the capacity of the load change is strong, the output is stable, the volume of steam space is large, the net distance between the steam water interface and the steam outlet is high, and the steam humidity is small.



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