Oil Fired Condensing Boiler

Fuel :Heavy oil ,Light oil ,diesel
Rated capacity :1-20ton/hr
Rated working pressure :0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6/3.82 Mpa 7bar /10bar /13 bar 101psi /145 psi

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Oil fired condensing boiler

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The oil fired condensing boiler of Shengli boiler is a safe and efficient automatic control system. The series of oil-gas boilers are horizontal fast installed three way structure fire tube boilers, with compact structure, small volume, strong load adaptability and low water quality requirements. The boiler adopts a wet back structure, which can adapt to high temperature, good sealing performance, increase radiation heat transfer area and improve heat transfer efficiency.

Condenser characteristics

1. by installing condensers (economizer) at the rear of the boiler, the flue gas heat will be fully utilized to reduce the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency up to 98%.

2. condenser adopts fan tube to increase heating surface and improve heat transfer efficiency.

3. the air pipe is made of stainless steel and ND steel to avoid low temperature corrosion.

Performance advantage

1. high efficiency

1) the burner has reliable quality, high combustion efficiency, low emission of harmful gas and no noise.

2) adopt horizontal three way structure to absorb heat expansion effectively. Adopting large diameter corrugated furnace, the combustion space is large and the combustion efficiency is high.

3) the spiral corrugated tube strengthens the disturbance of the flue gas and improves the heat transfer efficiency.

4) the boiler shell is insulated by aluminosilicate plate, and the heat loss is small.

5) equipped with economizer, make full use of the heat of flue gas, reduce the exhaust gas temperature, and the thermal efficiency can be increased to more than 98%.

2. high safety performance

1) complete gas manifolds and protection systems, including filters, pressure regulators and solenoid valves, to ensure fuel safety.

2) reliable Boiler Auxiliaries and various safety devices, such as pressure controller, pressure transmitter, water level alarm, safety valve and so on.

3) equipped with explosion-proof equipment to discharge high energy in the furnace deflagration to ensure safe and efficient operation of the boiler.

3. full automatic control

Using PLC automatic intelligent control cabinet and interlocking protection program, it has the function of water shortage, overvoltage, over temperature, air leakage, flameout, leakage, motor shortage, overload and so on.

4. low cost

1) adopt the SHENGLI boiler special technology, the boiler 100% butt welding, the quality is high, the service life is long, the maintenance cost is low.

2) the oil fired condensing boiler has high combustion efficiency, energy saving and low fuel cost.

5. save space

It adopts fast assembling structure, compact structure, convenient transportation and small occupancy.



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