Steam Boiler Price

Fuel :Heavy oil ,Light oil ,diesel
Rated capacity :1-20ton/hr
Rated working pressure :0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6/3.82 Mpa 7bar /10bar /13 bar 101psi /145 psi

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steam boiler price

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The steam boiler price is related to many factors. Among them, the bearing capacity of steam boiler is one of them.

The steam boiler can be divided by steam pressure. Low pressure boiler, the pressure is less than equal to 2.45MPa. Medium pressure boiler, pressure range 2.94-4.9Mpa; High pressure boiler, pressure range 7.84-10.8Mpa; Ultra high pressure boiler, pressure range 11.8-14.7Mpa; Subcritical pressure boiler, pressure range 15.7-19.6Mpa; A supercritical pressure boiler with a pressure greater than 22.0Mpa.This is due to the difference in the production and manufacturing process of the boiler with different pressure bearing capacity and the quality and quantity of the raw materials used. Therefore, the steam boiler price that leads to the final different bearing capacity also varies.

In addition, Shengli boiler adopts the best quality steel and fittings from raw material selection. Therefore, the price of steam boiler with high quality will be relatively high. The total price of a boiler manufactured by some peers is not equal to the price of steel under the same quality. Such products need not be said to be used or operated in industry, even the most basic quality inspection reports are hard to get.Therefore, the price of steam boiler of Shengli boiler will not be the lowest nor the highest. We will only recommend the best price performance products to you.

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